They are great clubs. It’s a very hard skill to learn. Now the i15 are out, I am going to get fitted because they are sooooooo coooll!!!!! AcesAZ, on Sep 22 , Tommy 9 years ago. When I go play I take both drivers and try to makeup my mind which to use. Drbogey5 7 years ago.

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I thought the i10s were good but these are just awsome!

EARLY LOOK! – Ping G15 or i15

When I go play I take both drivers and try to makeup my mind which to use. Paddy, I eagerly await your opnions on the V15 Driver, in fact I would even like you to review it. Sole looks maybe a little like Titleist or either Nike sole plate. ping g10 vs g15

I have both the 18 and 21 degree, stiff…. Looked long and hard at the Mizuno JPX’s; in the end, had played Pings for more than 20 years and just couldn’t get away from that look. As for looks, apparently they are very similar to the Ping G15 Ironswith a slightly darker red and more satin finish. G10 was a great driver, but G15 is looking to be much better. I have been playing about 2 years or so. Im more inclined to see its longer on mishits even if you ping g10 vs g15 out the hottness factor ping g10 vs g15 errors in these two heads.

G15 heads ping g10 vs g15 coming from overseas The iron does look like a game-improvement one though, so maybe they have something else up their sleeves. Instead, find me a putter that makes everything 6 feet or less and my scores shall change.

I’ve forgotten my password. Compare Hot List Clubs: Some amazing stat’s on mishits.

Ping Drivers: G15 vs G20

I believe they will be better than the G15 line. Chris, They are going for around that price on ebay. Layne Chastain 9 years ago.

I am a 12 handicap. I ping g10 vs g15 consistently in the high 80’s to low 90’s. Im currently tossing up which one i should purchase Your comments are much appreciated. Joe M 9 years ago. I doubt my scores will change by me going from my trusty G2 to a G Amazon – Ping g10 vs g15 nothing to ubiquitous. Heres my problem here, you can fidge the numbers many different ways. AcesAZ, on Sep 22 Did you know that they offer the Z-Z65 shaft as a stock option wait I am not sure about that for the G10?

Th1rte3n 8 years ago. Dave, my playing partner went from the G10 to the G20 last year and his driving has improved dramatically, around 15 to 20 yards further and a lot more accurate. May 22, 33 Comments.

rumblefylv – ping g10 vs g15 irons review

The switch to something that actually helped you get the ball in the air, was a genuine revelation. Good luck with your purchase. Anyone out there have any opinions, or did try them already?

But it looks like a driver that i could buy in the future. Sign In Need an account?