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It took me a while to realise what the problem was – I kept on buying different brands TDK, Sony, Verbatim thinking it was just crappy media, but it was because they were all rated at 16x. In general, the better the media quality, the better the burn quality will be. The drive will most likely be permanently damaged. You can backup your current firmware with Binflash. This system is also used to grade media and determine if the burn should continue at a faster speed or slowed down to preserve burn quality.

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How do I check my firmware version? Perhaps the easiest way 600a to use Nero InfoTool, which comes bundled with Nero or can be downloaded separately as freeware if you do not have Nero.

Do the NEC drives burn a disc with good quality? Then I downloaded the D dell version and unzipped it. Why does my Nec dvd rw nd 6100a drive burn media slower than its rated speed? You flash your drive with any of these modified firmwares at your own risk.

Everything you always wanted to know about NEC DVD burner firmwares but were afraid to ask

For more details see this thread Liggy also has a patched firmware to enable -R support for the NDA drive. This seems to nec dvd rw nd 6100a from drive to drive. NEC has decided that some medias cannot be burned at their rated speed because of quality issues. What is the approximate burn time at different burn speeds for a full disc? I’m not sure what’s involved.

BIN But to be honest, I didn’t know if the cd drive was a secondary master or not.

Most likely yes, but you might have to do this in pure DOS. EXE file into Binflash, and use this program to flash to the latest firmware. ND requires a version based on NEC 3.

I’m not sure there is a way to make the drive -R DL currently md somebody would’ve tried it. Times will vary slightly from drive to drive. How do I flash my NEC drive? For more details see this thread Liggy has released a firmware for the ND drive which supports full bitsetting. F3 website HP HP i nec dvd rw nd 6100a.

It’s been well proven that Microsoft’s default IDE drivers work best.

Within the firmware write strategy groups are swapped from one media strategy group to another. Regardless nothing was changed, not even after a reboot. I have the A in my Dell laptop, and I flashed it with the 2. The falshing was OK, however after that I was not able to boot up my laptop!!

Although both drives should have identical hardware, a successfull crossflash has yet to be done. Yes, using a specially modified firmware here. Then click on SAVE and wait a few seconds until the dump is completed. All you need to do is load the firmware you want to change to into Binflash and you can flash your drive with any nrc you wish.

If you do not know what nec dvd rw nd 6100a are doing, do nec dvd rw nd 6100a flash your drive! No, the hardware is completely different.

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Riplock is a term used for locking the reading speed on a drive for certain media types. How do I download a firmware? Flashing your drive with any unofficial firmware will nec dvd rw nd 6100a your guarantee. Below is a short list of which drives can and can’t be upgraded using the crossflash method.

What is riplock and do I need 6010a