By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. Thanks, appears it was a hardware malfunction solved with a Hard Reset. I am unsure what long-term affects this may have since I cannot repeat those steps now that I have the Internet settings configured correctly for my home network. However the touchpad no longer works. It is the only port found on the back of the unit. I appreciate that they still ship the original operating system, application CD, and even the Windows Security Pack CD in the event that the owner needs to reformat or repair their computer. The images that I had seen of this notebook made it seem like the top and bottoms were made of some shiny metal or even a glossy plastic.

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There is no removable drive bay, and there seems little incentive for a user to attempt upgrading the internal components. In my opinion, this notebook has the best speakers of any that I have owned.

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Warranty against DOA provided. Unfortunately, I soon realized that my big, clunky Dell Inspiron was not the best thing to toss into a book-bag.

Keyboard and trackpad not responding Compaq presario CQ60

This makes carrying the charger compaq presario v2000 touchpad bit more difficult than I would have liked. We partner with the largest computer part wholesalers throughout the United States and provide the highest quality products available.

To ckmpaq delight, setup is compaq presario v2000 touchpad easy. The third thing is probably due to me being old-fashioned. Loading the spreadsheet took a bit of time about 8 secondsbut the response was fairly snappy once the file was loaded. If you get wireless built in, this button will activate the wireless functionality. Small scratch near comlaq. Thank you so much. Housings and Touchpads for Compaq Presario.

Compaq Presario V Touchpad Palmrest | eBay

The best process at any time in case of any malfunction, just shutdown the system for some time let the battery cool down and then restart the computer.

It really felt that I was lugging around a huge ten pound brick for no reason and I needed two bags; one for my books and one for my compaq presario v2000 touchpad.

An awesome member of our community made this guide. However the touchpad no longer works. What operating system do you use? My Compaq CQ60 keyboard and touchpad doesn’t work in Vista.

I never had the need to walk around with the laptop while carrying a stack of schoolbooks. In a new spreadsheet, I generated 10, random numbers which I then placed into a histogram chart. Presagio you will find all the parts that you may need for your compaq presario v2000 touchpad, laptop from motherboards to power supplies.

My gf has a Compaq CQ42 and after presaruo consternation, we discovered that you tap the light in the corner of the touchpad three times, it re-enables the touchpad. Lift the connecters straight up. Of course, this is entire cosmetic, and easy to get over once you open up compaq presario v2000 touchpad laptop.

Compaq Presario V Review (pics, specs)

I purchased my notebook from HPShopping. I did not complete this guide.

It is not managed by iFixit staff. Compaq presario v2000 touchpad screen was easy to read so I could work without feeling fatigued. It may be necessary to bent the case a little to compaq presario v2000 touchpad the firewire and USB port away from the case.

I would definitely recommend the V to a student or a professional who do not require a beast of v2000 notebook. Delivery Options see all. Message 8 of 31 76, Views.